Jackson Pro DK2M limited run, tiger yellow

Jackson Monarkh JS22 Snow White


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Jackson Monarkh JS22 Snow White

Prisvärd är ett understatement vad gäller denna gitarr.

Mycket välbyggd instrument som både låter & ser dyrare ut än vad prislappen säger.

Classic and familiar single cutaway style melds with powerful sound and Jackson’s illustrious legacy of cutting-edge design and construction for a top-notch guitar. Whether you play with crystal-clear clean tones or thick, heavily saturated distortion, the JS Series Monarkh SC JS22 easily keeps up with any playing style you can throw at it. Ideal for modern metal, this instrument is the ultimate complement to your music, as creative as your playing.

Two Jackson® high-output humbucking pickups in the bridge and neck positions crank out clear tone with plenty of the girth required for current styles. The pickups’ crisp, clear tone is channeled by a three-way pickup switch along with master tone controls for versatile sound that matches any playing situation, cutting through a thick mix to highlight your playing. Designed for flexible playing, the 12"-16" compound radius fingerboard is curved for easy chord playing near the nut, flattening out for playing smoking leads without fear of fretting out during bends. The Jackson® compound radius compensated bridge perfectly matches the fingerboard’s radius for accurate string action and spacing while chords stay in tune up and down the entire length of the neck.

When you plug in a Jackson, you’re plugging in a legend. For over three decades our guitars have fueled musical revolutions, setting stages ablaze with fiery playing. The bleeding edge of guitar technology, the JS Series Monarkh SC JS22 is a sterling addition to any guitar collection—powerful and gorgeous with easy-to-operate controls that don’t get in the way of your playing while unlocking your best.

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Jackson Monarkh JS22 Snow White

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