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Alpine PartyPlug | Earplugs White


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When you visit a concert or festival, you want to be able to enjoy the music without suffering hearing loss. Alpine PartyPlug earplugs are designed specifically to reduce the music volume to safe levels while still allowing you to enjoy high sound quality and communication with friends. PartyPlug earplugs can be worn all day (or night). The soft and flexible thermoplastic material means the earplug moulds to your ear canal. Moreover, the material is hypoallergenic and free from silicones, so you won’t have any annoying allergic reactions or itching. You can use the PartyPlug earplugs more than 100 times, so they will easily last an entire festival season. Be kind to your ears and make sure you can enjoy your favourite band or DJ for a long time.

At festivals or concerts, the volume is often so high that you can suffer hearing loss within as little as 15 seconds. Wearing the right hearing protection with the right noise reduction rating is important to prevent this. Sound waves can be categorised in three frequencies: high, middle and low frequencies. Alpine PartyPlug earplugs ensure an average noise reduction of 19 dB, guaranteeing perfect reduction of high, damaging tones while ensuring that music quality and speech comprehension remain optimal. Every pack contains a luxury travel pouch to store and transport the earplugs conveniently and safely.


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