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Dunlop 9073P Ultex Tumplektrum Large 4-Pack


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Dunlop Ultex Thumb Picks - the ultimate choice for fingerpicking. Crafted with durable Ultex material, they deliver precision and power to every note. An essential tool for guitarists striving for an unmatched playing experience.

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Ultex Thumbpicks shine with vibrant tones, delivering a punchy sound that resonates brilliantly. Exceptionally durable, they not only sound great but also maintain their shape over an extended period, ensuring lasting performance for your musical journey.

Crafted to enhance the sophisticated techniques of modern players, Ultex Picks produce crystal-clear tones and unparalleled durability. Influenced by the exceptional performance of this innovative aeronautical-grade material, acclaimed artists like James Hetfield and John Petrucci have embraced and personalized it. Ultex Picks project each note with remarkable volume, brightness, and articulation, standing strong against wear even in intense playing conditions. Whether you're delivering single-note licks, arpeggiated runs, or heavy riffs, Ultex Picks guarantee that your sound will cut through the mix.