About us

Göran Almqvist Rolf Ekelund

Gitarren AB was founded in 1973 on the initiative of Goran Almqvist, former marketing manager for Levin and CF Martin. Because of this employment, however, could Almqvist not personally attend in the shop during the first five years. Instead, it was managed by his partner Rolf Ekelund, previously included working as a construction engineer in Spain. Then as now the shop was at the adress Skanstorget 10 in Gothenburg, but what was then the whole store is today just a department in the now greatly expanded shop.

Almqvist and Ekelund had a strong common interest: guitars. This addition to the heralded unique and complementary qualities - Almqvists experiences of marketing in general and guitar market in particular; Ekelund's extensive network of contacts in Spain, and interest in and ability to solve all kinds of technical problems - did that Gitarren AB quickly established itself as one of the foremost specialist shops in their area.

Another reason for that Gitarren AB had a fast growing reputation was the consistent focus on quality guitars. While many traders were content with guitars of dubious quality, but the price was low, Almqvist and Ekelund searched up the premier manufacturers of both the beginner and professional guitars and focused exclusively on these. They also invested in keeping a wide range of concert guitars, something that was quite unique in Sweden and that made that Gitarren AB since the 70's has been a place of pilgrimage for seriously interested guitarists from all over Scandinavia.

In 1989, Ekelund and Almqvist went their separate ways. Goran Almqvist remained as the sole owner until 1998, when he retired and sold the business to the current ownership group. The guitar is today still a family business by the owner company Complett Holding AB, which continues the guitar in the Ekelund Almqvist and spirit.

Today, one of Europe's leading seller of acoustical guitars, quality guitars and has a range of high-class agencies that marketed both in the shop and through a large number of retailers around the country. In addition to acoustic guitars are electric guitars, acoustic and bass guitars, ukuleles, orchestral instruments, strings and all sorts of accessories in the store's catal og.

Staff turnover on the guitar has been extremely low over the years. Since 1980, with a few exceptions, the staff that has been has also chosen in various ways to stay in the firm.

 Johnny, the store manager and guitar doctor, began in 1987 and has been full-time since then. In 2003, Martin added, guitar doctor who deals with purchasing and are in store. The latest addition to the staff list is Farhang guitar doctor who works in the store and is responsible for the instruments that leave our web store are adjusted and intonated. Juan guitar doctor, our former store manager started as an employee in 1976, has since May 2013 retired from the store manager job and currently works only on Saturdays and handles repairs of instruments. Juan is also an old apprentice at Manuel Bellido (the Luthier) shop. Additionally, we have recurrent extra staff to help ensure a good quality.

The stable staffing situation is a cause that we can now offer a unique combined experience in both sales and service side, and it is perhaps also a cause and a sign of what many of our customers spontaneously points out that Gitarren is such a nice shop.

Gitarren anno 1973