Terms and conditions

At Gitarren AB you can buy guitars and other stringed instruments. We aim to provide professional and high quality service to our customers. The following are the terms of sale that we work for and is consistent with applicable law and our own policies. For further questions contact us at info@gitarren.se or telephone 031-711 03 11 100% Satisfaction guarantee
Gitarren AB want our customers to be satisfied customers. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase you can return without question your products to us within 14 days and we will refund you the full value of the order minus the shipping cost. The doctors at Gitarren AB goes carefully through the instruments before they are sent to the customer, intone and straightens throats if necessary. Pricing
The prices you find on www.gitarren.se is current prices in Swedish kronor including 25% VAT. VAT is accounted for on the order form along with any shipping charges before you confirm your purchase. At the confirmation order, prices can only be changed by circumstances Gitarren AB has no control of, such as clearly erroneous prices, significantly changing commodity prices, currency fluctuations or changes in VAT. Payment
Payment Pages for the card payments is security protected via SSL encryption, and 3D-Secure certified, which gives the customer a very high technical security. The customer's card data are transmitted directly to the bank via the payment and stored either in Gitarren AB or at Payer AB that provides payment for short. - Payment: Pick your type of card at checkout and enter your card number, card expiration month and your control. The control number is the last three digits on the signature panel on the back of your credit card payments with Visa, Diners and Mastercard / Eurocard. The control number when paying by AMEX are those four digits located above the card number on the front. When paying by card, it will on your account statement to be "Gitarren AB" for the current purchase. Payer is the company that manages all card transactions. - Klarna AB / Invoice Payment: An invoice will be generated according to the order. The invoice is sent out with the goods, and with 14 days deferred payment. Klarna AB controls online to the customer's specifications match, the client turned 18, and that no credit history available. Late payment fee by the amount allowed by law at present 50 SEK and interest of 2% per month + applicable reference rate. For questions regarding late payment fee / interest rates, contact Klarna. Simplified credit check is done and the delivery is only to registered / registered address, any purchase over SEK 2000 is a standard credit check. More information about invoice and Klarna is available at www.klarna.se.
If you have purchased a backorder item and regret the purchase before delivery Gitarren AB takes a fee equivalent to 30% of the invoice amount (normal down payment amount). If you forget to pay the invoice sent out a reminder and a late payment fee charged separately with 50 SEK. We only deliver to the payee at adress accepted by purchases via Klarna, invoice or payment. Packages are only delivered upon presentation of valid ID. - Internet banking (or Handelsbanken, Swedbank): Secure payment over the Internet, you are a customer of Handelsbanken and Swedbank and connected to their internet and phone services. Upon payment you will be matched automatically to the login and log in as usual. Money is deducted directly from your bank account when you approve the transaction. Right of withdrawal
According to the law on distance contracts and home sales, the customer has 14 days cooling off period from the date he / she receives the goods. The customer must contact customer service, info@gitarren.se if he / she wants to return the goods. Goods must be returned unused and in original packaging with the invoice or delivery note. The client is charged with a return shipping and administrative expenses of SEK 249 for a return within Sweden and 599 SEK for international orders.. Gitarren AB reserves the right, in cases where return is not complete, charge the missing pieces. Gitarren AB will not bail out package for delivery. Orders placed from 25th November even December 24th has been extended withdrawal / purchase on empty January 15. The same conditions as for the normal right does the rest. Exceptions to the right of withdrawal
When buying a product manufactured or purchased especially for you and to your specific requirements, refund claims are not accepted. An example of this is if you buy an order be purchased just for you. Unclaimed packages
Packets not picked up within two weeks after delivery notice will be charged with shipping costs, return shipping and handling costs with total 295kr including VAT. At bulky item is an additional charge imposed pursuant to applicable freight table. If customer whishes that the package is sent out once more, customer will be charged an additional shipping fee. Complaints / Transport Damage
Gitarren AB inspect each item before it is sent to the customer. If the item is damaged when it arrives so undertakes Gitarren AB to replace the product. If the customer upon receiving notice that the item is visibly damaged during transport must customer must notice the delivery service upon delivery. If an item is damaged  and it is noticed after delivered, customer must make Gitarren AB notified within 3 days of receipt to customer service, info@gitarren.se. Inspect the shipping container before you pick up the package. If the package is damaged, do not redeem it, be asking the delivery point to fill in the claim and return it to us. If you find that the item is damaged after you you recieve the package to get, the customer is not to on his own return goods to us. The Postal Services routines is that the goods, pending investigation, did not get sent back to the store if the item is damaged. All shipping containers shall also be saved and documented. Complaints of shipping shall be made within 3 business days. We will send new products in anticipation of the complaint investigation. If not following our instructions for the transportation the responsibility and claim of the shipping damage can not be approved. Return to:
Gitarren i Göteborg AB
Skanstorget 10
411 22 Göteborg Force Majeure
Gitarren AB is not liable for failure to perform certain obligations in this Agreement if such failure is due to liberating circumstances as described below, and the fact impedes, prevents or delays the performance. As a liberating factor to be considered, among others agency action or omission, new or amended legislation, conflict, embargo, strike, fire, flood, sabotage or accident of significant size. The force majeure also includes government decisions that affect the market negatively and products, for example, restrictions, warnings, ban on sale etc. Personal Data Act (PUL)
Gitarren AB follows the recommendations made ​​in the PUL. In connection with the customer registration and order the customer agrees that Gitarren AB stores, the name and address information in order to fulfill its obligations to the customer. The Gitarren AB will never disclose personal information to third parties. Do you want to learn more about Privacy please follow the link http://www.pul.nu/lagtext.html Cookies
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