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Cort CM15R Pastel Green


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Compact and versatile 15W guitar amplifier with excellent sound quality and several practical features for both beginners and experienced musicians.

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The CM Series is ideal for any guitarist or bassist, whether you're just starting out or you're an experienced musician looking for a compact, high-quality practice amp. These amplifiers come with a variety of features and deliver excellent sound quality suitable for many musical styles. The CM15R model, equipped with a custom 8” speaker, produces a warm and musical tone for both clean and overdriven sounds.

8″ Speaker
The compact 8” speaker in the CM15R is both efficient and powerful, capable of producing impressive volume levels, making it perfect for band practice in controlled environments. It delivers a clear and balanced sound, ensuring your playing style and character shine through without distortion.

Sound Controls
The CM15R offers a versatile range of clean and overdrive tones. It features a sparkling clean channel and a rich overdrive channel, each with independent gain and volume controls. The 3-band EQ, with treble, middle, and bass knobs, is specifically tailored to the electric guitar's sonic range. The gain control allows for a wide spectrum of overdrive, from a bluesy crunch to intense modern distortion. With a push-button channel selector, switching between clean and overdrive/distortion channels is easy, making the CM15R a highly versatile amplifier.

Digital Reverb
The built-in digital reverb adds a lush ambience to your guitar sound, enhancing the enjoyment and effectiveness of your practice sessions.

Aux In & Headphone Input
The Auxiliary input lets you connect a smartphone or digital music player to the amplifier, so you can play along with your favorite tracks. The headphone jack allows for quiet practice sessions, making the CM15R a versatile amp suitable for various playing situations.

Color Options
The CM15R comes in several different stylish colors: Pastel Green, White Sand, Black, Dark Red and Dark Blue. These traditional, bright and refreshing colors are perfect for any of today's trendy interiors, adding a splash of vibrancy for those who want it. Moreover, balancing vintage charm with modern sophistication, this product is the ideal choice for music enthusiasts.


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1-19 Watt