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Guitar ”Zen” Overdrive Pedal 
Warm Drive är Warm Audios reproduktion av en mycket vördad "amp-in-a-box" gitarrpedal,  Hermida Zendrive, som är känd för att gå från silkeslena toner hela vägen till sustainrik distorsion. Warm Drive är en så kallad ”Dumble in a box”.


The Warmdrive is a true reproduction of a highly revered pedal known for delivering the tones of an unattainable overdriven amp. The original pedal is known to go from silky-smooth tones reminiscent of a special overdriven amp at the sweet spot, all the way to sustain-rich distortion.The Warmdrive combines true-to-original components & circuit design to achieve the same tone and sonic profile of the legendary pedal. The “secret sauce” of the Warmdrive, just like the original, is the unique voice/tone control combination on the stomp box. Giving artists extra versatility, this control allows the player to modify the frequency both before (Voice control) and after (Tone control) the clipping stages.

Guitar heroes and modern virtuosos like SRV, Eric Clapton, Robben Ford, John Mayer, Santana, and Cory Wong are known to have used either the original Dumble Overdrive Special amplifier or the pedal inspired by it.

Push & Blend Clean Tones: 
Whether you’re looking to dial in a transparent overdrive tone, push a tube amp to saturation, or solo with punch and clarity, the Warmdrive has all of the tones of that special overdriven amplifier.

4-Knob Versatility: 
The Warmdrive has 4 control knobs on the pedal: Volume, Tone, Gain, and Voice. Like the original, the voice knob controls the frequencies being clipped by the op-amp, delivering a tonal versatility beyond most guitar pedals. Experimenting with the voice knob can dramatically alter the overdriven bass and treble tones, making the Warmdrive experience like owning a second amp.

True-to-Original Reproduction:
The Warmdrive pairs premium components like 2N7000 MOSFETs and 1N34a Germanium / Schottky BAT41 diodes with a true-to-original circuit design to achieve the same tone and sonic profile of a very “zen” pedal.

Stacks Easily: 
The Warmdrive often plays well with other dirt pedals in the chain because of its amplifier-inspired sound profile and forgiving circuit design.

Quality Assurance in Austin TX: 
Like all Warm Audio gear, the Warmdrive is meticulously tested and inspected by real guitar players and trained technicians in Austin, TX USA.

Wide Range of Amp-Like Overdrive Tones:
Add just a little bite to a clean channel for extra touch-sensitive playing
Transform pristine clean channels into overdrive rhythm
Take vintage cleans (with a little bite) into gritty rhythm and lead tones
Drive “middle” channels into saturated soloing gain

Tech Specs
- True Reproduction Of A Very “Zen” Overdrive Known For Legendary Amplifier Tones
- Premium components that match the original: 2N7000 MOSFETs, a NE5532 Op-Amp, Carbon Resistors, and 1N34A Germanium / Schottky BAT41 diodes
- Buffered Bypass Operation
- Volume, Tone, Gain, and Voice Controls
- Authentic Metal Enclosure with Carefully Tapered Knobs
- 1/4" Input (Inst) And Output (Amp) Jacks
- Powered By 9v Battery Or Standard 9v Dc Pedal Adapter