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Wampler Ego76 Compressor


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Compressor pedal by Brian Wampler that enhances your tone with studio-grade precision and the iconic sound of the 1176 Peak Limiter.

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The EGO 76 is not just a compressor pedal; it enhances your sound.

The EGO 76 is Brian Wampler’s homage to the legendary studio compressor, the 1176 Peak Limiter, which has been a cornerstone of music production for decades. This pedal invites you to explore the essence of classic studio sounds. Unlike typical compressor pedals that merely compress your signal, the EGO 76 enriches your tone significantly.

Powered by FET (field-effect transistor) technology, the EGO 76 features studio-grade Attack and Release controls, a Parallel Clean Blend knob, and a finely tuned Tone knob. Each element is carefully crafted to capture the spirit of the iconic 1176 and bring a touch of that studio magic to your pedalboard.

The 1176 Peak Limiter
Introduced in 1967, the 1176 Peak Limiter was the first solid-state peak limiter and became a staple in studios worldwide. Its FET-based circuitry produced a distinctive "enhanced" sound, especially when used in "British Mode." The EGO 76 not only replicates this iconic sound but also enhances your guitar tones. It’s Brian Wampler’s boutique tribute to the timeless sounds of the 1176.

Studio-Style Control
The EGO 76 is a fully featured compressor in pedal form. Its controls – Tone, Attack, Release, Level, Compress, and Parallel Clean Blend – allow precise tone and dynamics shaping. The Tone control adds the right amount of brightness, capturing the energy of the 1176, while the Attack and Release knobs provide control over essential compression parameters typically found in studio equipment.

Parallel Compression
The Parallel Clean Blend control offers added versatility, a feature inspired by classic studio techniques. This method maintains levels and enhances parts without losing dynamics, blending your original tone seamlessly. The result is a perfect balance between compression and your guitar’s natural sound.

Capturing All of the Magic
Simply replicating the 1176's FET compression circuitry wouldn't fully capture its original sound. The nuances of studio preamps, consoles, and other hardware are also crucial. Brian Wampler’s EGO 76 recreates all these elements, delivering the 'glue' that characterizes our favorite recorded guitar tones.

The EGO 76 offers a sonic journey through iconic studio recording history. Rooted in the legacy of the 1176, once you start using the EGO 76, it may become an indispensable part of your musical expression, connecting you directly to the timeless magic of the 1176 Peak Limiter.