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Wampler Mofetta Overdrive/Distortion Pedal


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A versatile overdrive/distortion pedal with MOSFET clipping for rich, authentic tones.

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The Wampler Mofetta Overdrive/Distortion pays homage to the 1990s classic, the MT10 MOSTORTION, with its MOSFET-driven magic. A nod to the soul of that iconic circuit, the Mofetta uncovers its untapped potential, offering classic overdrive, massive headroom, and a versatile 3-band EQ. With the addition of a Texture Switch, introducing actual MOSFETs into the pedal's overdrive section, the Mofetta delivers a bolder, more articulate tone, preserving the essence of the early '90s legend while offering a powerful new dimension by Wampler.

The MT10 Mostortion
The original MT10 Mostortion, released in 1990, became renowned for its amp-like low-gain tones, despite its budget origins. Now, the Mofetta resurrects these singing tones, delving deeper into the MOSFET world.

Musical, Responsive Overdrive
Contrary to expectations, the Mofetta emphasizes the low-to-mid-gain voice, reminiscent of its predecessor's tube-like compression and musical warmth. Its high-headroom output pushes amps into harmonically-rich breakup, delivering versatile tones from edge-of-breakup to vintage crunch.

3-Band EQ
The Mofetta's unique 3-band EQ allows for full-range drive or transparent grit, complementing clean tones and providing a focused boost when dialed up, ideal for stacking with other pedals.

Is it truly MOSFET?
While the original MOSTORTION didn't use MOSFETs for overdrive, the Mofetta's Texture feature implements MOSFETs for clipping, enhancing its response and character.

With bolder, more articulate MOSFET clipping, the Mofetta offers a wider range of overdrive and distortion, responsive to playing dynamics, while retaining the essence of the original.

  • Built in the U.S.A.
  • High-grade components selected for superior sound and response
  • Independent three-band EQ (Bass, Mids, Treble), Level, and Gain controls
  • Texture switch activates cascaded MOSFET gain stages
  • Battery connection and 9V power jack
  • Top-mounted input and output jacks
  • Includes limited 5-year warranty
  • Dimensions: 2.5" x 4.8" x 2.3" (64mm x 125mm x 60mm)
  • Power draw: 10mA, 9V DC Do not exceed 9V DC