Lava Music ME PLAY Nightfall Lite Bag


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Western guitar with touchscreen and built-in effects, looper, tuner, metronome and drum patterns. Colour: Nightfall

Akustisk stålsträngad gitarr i trä-laminat med touch-skärm och inbyggda effekter, tuner, looper, metronome, beats, WiFi, Bluetooth m.m. Svart IDEAL gigbag ingår.


Designed for beginners and the ones who would love to try the HILAVA experience. With an elegant design and four vibrant colors, LAVA ME PLAY brings joy to a much wider audience across the world.

The upgraded touchscreen system HILAVA 2.0 includes everything a modern guitarist needs, including effects, tuner, metronome, looper, beats, a social online community, chat functions, guitar lessons and more.

Two-tone Colorways. All-weather Body. 
Delightful and vibrant to play the 36-inch everywhere. Built with durable high-pressure laminate, it stays resilient to any weather condition.

Start Out. Skill Up.
Learn new skills in the Learn App every time you pick it up. Build the basics systemically with six essential exercises in the Practice App. Join challenges, view your ranks, and connect with friends in LeaderBoard App.

Extra Playful. Ultra Versatile.
Perform with expressive sounds using dozens of effects. Add extra excitement to your live singing and playing with 100+ drums.

Inspire. Record and Share.
Create music with 100+ grooves or backing tracks in the Create App. They allow you to capture instant ideas by solo or via call-and-respond jams.

Playability at Its Easiest.
2.3mm ultra-low action, thin heel, and truss rod with magnetic cover deliver an effortless playing experience, making it the best entry-level guitar yet.

  • Two-tone colorways on the 36“ all-weather body
  • Skills of all levels and essential exercises to learn
  • Effects, drums, and backing tracks to perform or create
  • A rich, balanced tone from 4-MASS acoustic structure
  • Easiest to play with 2.3mm action, thin heel, and truss rod

LAVA ME PLAY comes with the Lava Lite gigbag included. Optional accessories are the Airflow Wireless Charger and two control pedals for Bluetooth remote control of effects, beats and loops.