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Savarez Nail Kit
Savarez Nail Kit

Savarez Nail Kit


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The characteristics of the nail reconstituted with silk and resin are quite similar to those of a natural nail. The perfect homogeneity obtained after complete drying allows a full sensitiveness and sound restitution while preserving the upper coat of the nail. The substitute nail can last several weeks or even months. It is resistant to water and detergents and can be removed with a solvent after a few minutes' application. The original nail grows naturally with no special care.

Content of the kit

Band of self-adhesive silk

2 separate tubes of resin

Nail file with two different grained surfaces

Small stick to apply resin to silk

Needle to clear tube's tip eventually clogged between two uses

Detailed user's guide

What's new ? New high quality self-adhesive silk with a thinner and denser weft for a better spreading of the resin. 1/3 more product included in the Kit ! New increased fluid resin for a better impregnation of the silk and a quicker drying. Resin available in 2 tubes of 2 Gr. Essential for the best conservation of the product: one tube can be stored in a cool place while the other is in use. Gain a total of 4 Gr. instead of 3 Gr.!

New packaging


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