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Savarez Argentine 1510 Extra Light - Loop End


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For over six decades, Argentine strings have been a staple in the music of esteemed guitarists, ranging from Django Reinhardt to Raphaël Fays, Boulou Ferre, Pierre Lacombe, Romane, Patrick Saussios, and many others.

Their acoustic properties have allowed them to endure shifts in musical trends and crises while consistently meeting the expectations of musicians dedicated to preserving their true sound.

Highly sought after by musicians and luthiers worldwide, these strings uniquely complement the legendary Selmer-Maccaferri guitars, currently crafted by skilled artisans who honor their tradition, ensuring their resilience.

Acoustic attributes of Argentine strings include:

  • Crisp and brilliant tones
  • Impressive power
  • Rich sonic depth

They stand alone in faithfully reproducing the authentic resonance of gypsy jazz guitars.