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Cort Earth100SSF Sunburst


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The Earth100SSF is Corts answer to building a standout round-shoulder dreadnought guitar. 
With a scale length of 628mm (24.75 inches) and the legendary slope shoulder design it boasts a harmonious blend of balanced expression, warm bass tones, and exceptional projection. The renowoned slope shoulder design is testament to technological advancement in the realm of acoustic instruments.

Dreadnought Slope Shoulder
Embodying the classic Slope Shoulder Dreadnought silhouette, this guitar resonates with a commanding presence, delivering robust low-end power, crisp midrange articulation, and articulate treble notes. Its appeal extends to both flat pickers and aficionados of traditional guitar aesthetics and sounds, exuding a vintage charm courtesy of its slope shoulders.

Solid Sitka Spruce Top
Crafted from solid Sitka Spruce, the guitar's top strikes an optimal balance between resilience and flexibility. This choice of wood enjoys widespread acclaim for its suitability as a soundboard material, catering to diverse musical genres and playing techniques with its versatile sonic profile.

Mahogany Back & Sides
Renowned for its bright yet natural tonal characteristics, mahogany lends the guitar a robust midrange warmth. A staple choice for premium acoustic instruments, the solid mahogany back enhances overall resonance and contributes to the guitar's voluminous projection.

628mm (24.75") Scale
The shorter scale length of 628mm (24.75 inches) gives a different feel and sound than its longer counterparts. And has become a standard in a lot of acoustic guitars and accommodates to players of all levels and hand sizes. It offers great playability and comfort, which makes it an ideal choice for beginners and seasoned musicians alike.

Genuine Bone Nut & Saddle
Crafted from authentic water buffalo bone, the nut and saddle facilitate the natural and transparent transmission of string vibrations into the guitar's body and neck, ensuring a resonant and articulate sound output. 

Fishman Sonitone Preamp
Featuring an internally mounted Fishman Sonitone Preamp system, the guitar preserves its acoustic integrity without compromising on amplified performance. Retaining the instrument's innate resonance, the simple Volume and Tone controls offer intuitive adjustment options for the discerning player.

Vintage Machineheads
Combining vintage aesthetics with modern functionality, the guitar's vintage-style machineheads provide reliable tuning stability while complementing its timeless appeal, further enhancing its classic allure.


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