Cort Space 5 Star Dust Black w/bag


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A modern reincarnation of the pioneering headless design, blending classic bass sensibilities with innovative features for unparalleled performance.

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The Cort Artisan Space 5 bass guitar isn't just another modern headless instrument; it's a revival of a groundbreaking legacy.
Way back in the 1980s, Cort shook up the bass scene with its Space line, famed for its pioneering headless design and Steinberger-licensed tuners. Now, that trailblazing spirit returns in the Artisan Space 5, meticulously crafted to meet the surging demand for compact headless bass guitars.
Gone is the conventional body, replaced by a sleek and ergonomic headless design. This not only reduces weight but also enhances balance, granting unparalleled freedom on stage. However, despite its contemporary look, the Artisan Space 5 subtly hints at classic bass sensibilities.

Maple Body with Poplar Burl Top(6mm)
Pairing a Poplar burl top with a soft maple body ensures a perfect blend of tight, full lows and bright, transparent highs, not to mention the stunning wood grain of the Poplar burl top for a more natural, organic aesthetic.

New Space Body Shape
Inspired by the legacy of the 1980s Space basses, the Space 5 reinvents the classic for the modern era. Rooted in the revered Artisan Bass Series, it borrows the body and neck design while adding a modern twist.
Sculpted for comfort and daring style, the Space 5 features deeper contours and bold cutaways, all while embracing the liberating ethos of headless design. Individual bridge saddles and integrated tuner knobs complete the transformation, making the Space 5 a timeless icon reborn.

Bartolini MK-1 Pickups and Active 3-band EQ Preamp
Preserving the trademark Bartolini sound, the MK-1 pickups offer exceptional sound quality and value. With punchy, warm mids and transparent, brilliant highs, the MK-1 delivers a superbly balanced sound. Coupled with the active 3-band EQ preamp, players can fine-tune their tone with precision, adjusting low, mid, and high frequencies to perfection.

Specially Designed Hardware for Headless System
The headpiece and individual bridges are meticulously engineered and rigorously tested to ensure optimal tuning and playing stability, all while keeping the Space 5 as lightweight, compact, and hassle-free as possible.

Zero Fret
Acting as the bass nut, the zero fret sets the string height over the fretboard when played open. This innovative design eliminates the need for resizing or replacing the nut when changing string gauge, ensuring smooth playability without unwanted friction between the nut and strings.

7pcs Roasted Maple, Walnut, Purple Heart & Maple Neck
Featuring roasted maple for its focused midrange, complemented by the punchy clarity of purple heart and the rich warmth of walnut, this neck design maximizes the bright, clear, and fast-response characteristics of the maple body. The result is an articulate, full-bodied sound with unwavering stability – a testament to the instrument's masterful construction.

Spoke Nut Hotrod Truss Rod
Offering precise neck bow adjustment, the spoke nut truss rod allows players to tailor the Space 5's setup to their technique and playing style.

'Next Gen' Cort Logo
Engraved on the body, the modern and sleek 'Next Gen' Cort logo adds a finishing touch to the Space 5's contemporary design.


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